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Weight loss tracker: 6 Apps to track your weight to stay fit

Weight loss trackers can be apps you can download on your phone or wearable devices that monitor your activities, calorie intake, and vitals to help you get closer to your weight goals.

Here are six apps that have proven to be effective weight loss trackers.

1. Weight Watchers

Weight watchers offer several recipes, inform you on what to eat, and avoid when to work out, and also track your weight loss progress with a point system. You also have the opportunity to speak to certified professionals should you need help along the way.

All these features validate the subscription price for the app which may be higher than most regular weight loss apps.

2. Mi Fit

It is free to download but needs to be linked to the smart scale and band fitness tracker to log into your daily activities. Your profile on Mi-FiT should contain your biodata and goals.

The app recognizes when you’re active and tracks it automatically. It can also set alarms to remind you of your time to exercise or engage in an activity.

3. Monitor your weight

This app is compatible with several other health apps on Google and is a good way to track your weight loss. It is password protected and when you create your profile, you have access to the information about your current weight and how many calories you need to gain or lose to achieve your desired weight goal.

4. Fit Bit

It is a great wearable device that tracks your level of activity. It can come as a smartwatch that you can wear to monitor your heart rate, steps, and miles covered whenever you’re walking, running, or exercising. It also gives you information on your weight and monitors your food intake.

A standout feature of it is being able to link up with family and friends and participate in activities.

5. Weight Logs & BMI Calculator

Installing this app on your phone will require you to input your details such as your current weight, height, gender, and Date of birth which are computed to get your Body Mass Index (BMI). This information is presented as a graph that you can keep track of and compare to monitor your progress.

You can input your weight daily or weekly to know how close or far you are from your target weight.

6. Lose It!

A unique feature of the app is that you can snap your meal for portion control and monitor your calorie intake. Lose It! app helps you count your calories and gives you information on how much you need to attain your weight goal from your biodata.

Subscribing to the app will allow you to input your food intake which has a database of millions of recipes and brands worldwide. Meals you input frequently are automatically updated onto your list so you can select them next time.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss trackers help monitor which activities get you closer to your goals and which ones you should cut down on. Incorporate this with healthy foods and adequate water intake and you’re on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

You want to know more about weight loss? you can visit this site for related information.

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