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Weight loss services: Meal plans, Stomach balloons and other weight loss services

Be aware of different services related to weight loss

Losing weight has gotten easier with weight loss services that are tailored to help you achieve your desired weight goal.

Weight loss services can be non-surgical through diet and exercise or you may choose to go the surgical route by getting a Gastric bypass or band.

Whatever weight loss service you choose, you need to ensure you fit the requirements and that it is the best option for you. Below are some of the weight loss services which are available:

Non-surgical weight loss services

To determine the service which would be appropriate for you, you will need to provide information on your family history, areas of challenge, and plans you may have tried in the past.

Non-surgical weight loss services typically comprise:

Meal plans

Meal planning can help you sort out knowing what to eat when to eat and the quantity which can be a challenge when losing weight. The appropriate meals and portions are organized for you and you can prepare your meals in bulk to reduce the stress of daily cooking especially when you have to leave early for work.

The best part is that you can monitor your calorie intake and progress with professional supervision.

Medication for weight loss

You could be placed on weight loss medication if diet and exercise are not providing results. FDA-approved medications work by reducing your appetite, making you feel full quickly or absorbing fat from your body.

Medications such as Liraglutide, Bupropion-naltrexone, and Orlistat are safe for long-term use but have side effects like nausea, vomiting or headaches so remember to discuss these with your physician.

Stomach Balloon

As the name suggests, an inflatable balloon is placed into your stomach which occupies a third and gives you the feeling of fullness. The procedure is quick and does not require any incision. It is temporary and can be removed after about a year of use.

Surgical options

Surgical weight loss services can be very helpful, particularly when combined with other lifestyle modification practices.

People who are obese or have health conditions related to obesity may be good candidates for weight loss surgery provided they are committed to a healthy lifestyle afterward. These procedures include:

Gastric restrictions

Gastrectomies and Gastric banding are surgical procedures that reduce the size of your stomach so that you don’t eat as much and you feel full quicker. When you eat smaller quantities of food, your calorie intake drops and you lose weight.

Bypass surgery

Gastric bypass surgery creates a 'bypass' of your small intestine where most of your digestion process takes place. This means that not all the food you eat will be digested and fewer calories absorbed by your body.

These procedures can be done together under the guidance of a board-certified surgeon to get the best results.


Whether you choose to lose weight through meal planning and medication or a gastric bypass, you still need to have a plan to maintain your weight by eating healthy and working out regularly.

You can learn more about surgical and non-surgical weight loss here.

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