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Weight loss Kelly Osbourne: How did Kelly Osbourne drop to a size 2?

Weight loss Journey of Kelly

Kelly Osbourne has come a long way from the days of her bald gothic- look to sporting a more slender and natural look. The T.V star has been vocal about losing over 38kg through gastric sleeve surgery which she termed the 'best thing' she did in 2018.

The decision came as part of her resolution to live a healthy lifestyle and also seek therapy for her alcohol addictions.

In this article, we will explore Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss journey and how she has been able to maintain it all these years.

Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss

When pictures of celebrity Kelly Osbourne hit the internet in 2018, tongues began to wag about her transformation and how she was looking slimmer than the plump star fans we used to see. In an interview in 2020 with 'Hollywood Raw Podcast', Kelly detailed how undergoing gastric sleeve surgery was one of the best decisions she made.

The procedure helped her lose over 38kg weight but it wasn't a walk in the park and she has had to maintain her results through a lifestyle change. She compared the surgery to get a start in the right direction but she and to make some adjustments to continue in that direction.

Kelly’s lifestyle changes

Kelly also sought the help of a therapist a year before she started her weight loss journey. She had struggled with alcoholism for several years with periods of relapse. Her appearance on the show Dancing with the star' in 2009 saw her drop 40 pounds following her intense dance routine.

Her relationship with her vegan chef boyfriend in 2012 also influenced her choice to switch to a vegan-based diet and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Did she do surgery for weight loss?

The T.V star has been open about her weight loss choice of having a gastric sleeve which is a surgical procedure to reduce about 70% of the stomach. This makes you eat less food, leaves you feeling full quicker, and makes you lose weight.

The result was a drastic weight which helped her go down several dress sizes. Kelly posted a picture with a US size 2 dress size and in the caption included how she was proud of herself because she had earned it.

Who can have Gastric sleeve surgery?

Not all weight loss services are surgical; dieting, weight loss medications, exercises, and gastric balloons are some non-surgical options for weight loss. When these do not prove effective, surgical options may be recommended.

Additionally, people who are obese, have a BMI over 35, or have obese-related issues such as Diabetes, sleep apnea, or hypertension may also be considered for gastric sleeve surgery.

There are several guidelines to follow before you begin the surgery so you should consult a certified physician for more information on it.


Kelly Osbourne’s transformation proves how sticking to a good weight loss plan with lifestyle modification can help you achieve your weight goals. Start your journey towards a healthier life and begin a plan to keep fit and eat well.

By readings some articles here, you will learn more about weight loss.

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