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Does Body sculpting work? How effective it is and when you can see results?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Body sculpting continues to be sought after because it is non-invasive and less expensive, but is it really effective or just another trend in the cosmetic industry?

Body sculpting is effective and some procedures have reported as much as 20% fat reduction in target areas.

Here’s what you should know about body sculpting and if it works.

Is Body sculpting effective?

Body sculpting is effective when done expertly on a healthy person. For you to maintain these results, you must maintain a strict healthy diet and fitness routine.

It is non-invasive and depends on your body to excrete the broken-down fat cells out of your body. So, for body sculpting to be effective, your body has to function optimally and the procedures need to be done by professionals.

What is Body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that removes fat from undesirable places. After adolescence, fat cells are distributed across your body and increase or decrease in size when you gain or lose weight. These are the cells that Body sculpting targets.

It uses extremes of temperature to destroy fat cells in target areas without breaching your skin, which is then slowly removed by your body.

When can you see the results?

The results you will get from body sculpting are not immediate compared to the invasive procedures because it takes time for your body to excrete the broken-down fat cells.

Everyone's body works differently and it could take weeks in some and months in others before they start to see results. These results slowly become more visible as fat in target areas continues to reduce, giving a more sculpted appearance.

Some have reported a loss of about 20% fat in target areas worked on through cool sculpting.

Who is Ideal for Body sculpting?

The ideal person for Body sculpting should:

  • Have realistic expectations

While body sculpting would remove fat from areas of your body, it will not give you chiseled abs or move you down two dress sizes. What you can expect is a reduction in fat around specific areas and not drastic weight loss.

  • Be within healthy weight limits

As mentioned earlier, Body sculpting is not an alternative for weight loss services. If you need to shed some pounds, you should consider other options.

  • Prefer non-surgical procedures

If you’re scared of being cut open or put to sleep then body sculpting is just right for you. You get to lose fat without incisions or general anesthesia. The downside is that the results may not be as drastic and immediate as liposuction but it is worth it.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Since Body shaping procedures do not remove all the fat cells in the target areas completely, you should eat healthily and keep fit to maintain your desired results.


Body sculpting may be what you need to get your desired body but you also have to play your part in maintaining it. If you have decided that non-invasive cosmetic surgery is right for you, you should also ensure that you get it done by a professional who can meet your needs.

To know more about body sculpting, you can visit and read some articles here.

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