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Body Sculpting vs Coolsculpting- which should you go for?

Looking fit can improve your confidence and self-esteem. It is why Body contouring and cosmetic procedures continue to be sought worldwide. We like to look good.

Non-invasive fat reduction such as Body Sculpting and Coolsculpting have made losing fat easier without surgery, less pain, and post-recovery time.

Both procedures are popular choices for reducing stubborn fat and employ similar techniques that make it hard to differentiate between them.

This article explores what you need to know about Body sculpting and Coolsculpting to know which is suitable for you.

What is Body sculpting?

Body Sculpting refers to non-invasive fat removal procedures which use advanced technology to break down fat cells through extremes of temperature. These dead cells are removed from the body over time.

Most body sculpting procedures require the breakdown and gradual removal of fat from the body, so you may not see immediate results. In weeks to three months, the results of the procedures may then become visible.

What is Coolsculpting?

It is a method of body sculpting that involves using modern technology to target areas of concern and freeze the fat cells that are then naturally broken down by your body and excreted.

The skin is not breached or incised but protected with a special gel before wrapping the area with an applicator cup. Low temperature released into the target area freezes the fat cells leaving your body to gradually remove them.

These procedures reduce fat from your body through extreme temperature and removal by your body. Factors to consider in choosing which suits you include:

Procedure Length

Sculpsure or "Lunchtime Lipo", a body sculpting procedure, is best if you want a fast procedure. It generally lasts about twenty-five minutes with minimal side effects so you get back in time for work.

Number of visits

Coolsculpting is suitable for targeting excess fat in one area like the chin, Thighs, and Love handles. Pockets of fat around the body could be removed through other body sculpting procedures. So in one session, areas of concern could be addressed by body sculpting, limiting the need for several visits.


Depending on how deep your pocket is, cosmetic procedures can be expensive. However, the cost of Coolsculpting multiple areas to get the desired result may be more expensive compared to a session of sculpture.

Pain threshold

Body sculpting procedures are not as painful as the surgical methods of fat removal, but the heat or laser may be uncomfortable for some. The freezing from Coolsculpting may numb the area making it more comfortable.

Side Effects

Body sculpting procedures have minimal side effects such as bruising, numbing, or swelling. These effects are usually more in Coolsculpting but subside over time.


Body sculpting procedures including Coolsculpting are medically approved procedures for fat reduction and are not replacements for living a healthy lifestyle.

Eating nutritious meals, and drinking a lot of water with regular exercise will keep your body fit and healthy and maintain your results for as long as you desire.

To understand more about Body Sculpting and Coolsculpting, you can read some related articles here.

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